As of today, I am writing about the effect of technology on generations who grow up with it. I want to include an analysis of child psychology changes, effect on gender norms, as well as effect on relationships within a family and friend type setting.

Of the evidence I have found so far, I have found some of the reports written by psychologists to be very interesting because it provides very direct insight into the circulating opinions on impact from a more scientific perspective. I also have found some of the policy measures interesting, those that are trying to advocate for integration of technology into schools so that children can culturally become up to date. While there are a lot of diverse topics I am researching regarding technology and its application to child psychology, I hope to integrate these into a cohesive argument.

I think the best way I have found to group my evidence so far has been through creating conceptual maps of what topics I’m researching and which pieces of evidence fall into those various categories. Usually I do this by searching key words and then reading publications that apply to the concept I am exploring. In terms of placing evidence into an argument structure, I would probably start with my evidence for technologies impact on relationships and branch from there into gender norms, violence, and every day communication.


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