Striving to Close the ‘Digital Divide’

“Striving to close the ‘Digital Divide’” discusses the racial gap currently forming between those children who not only use technology but also those who choose to engage with and build technology. The article focuses on the gap which exists between black children and other races, they are being trapped in this Digital Divide, which according to this article is not just forming between generations but also between races. The article also provides an example of how people are addressing this gap, through the direct introduction by through Black Family Technology Awareness Week, which encourages young children and families interested in technology a chance to directly interact with it and learn more about it from African American executives working for IBM.

For my research this has interesting implications of the technology divide, I want to evaluate both a generational gap and a linear gap within generation Z due to other factors such as race and financial accessibility.

Cyber Relationships

“Cyber Relationships” discusses the impact technology has on interpersonal relationships, especially that between parents and children who grew up in completely different standards of technology usage. Another aspect that is considered is a completely online classroom. We’ve started to see this standard through the idea of “webcasted” lectures where people can choose to attend school in the comfort of their home. The article takes Daniel Academy in Florida as a case study of the first every completely web-based high school. What the impact of technology on education is, is a very interesting question.

This text takes a more negative tone toward technologies effect on interpersonal relationships, which is interesting to contrast to some of the more neutral articles I’ve read so far. Also, understanding the incorporation of cyber technology into the classroom setting and even with such an extreme example of a completely web based school can help in my analysis of the impact of technology on children – which includes their learning process as well as its impact on more commonly diagnosed issues today such as ADHD.

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