Illustration 1


There are three illustrations that are particularly striking, depicting artists thoughts of the impact of technology on children. The second image shows a boy with his face covered by the wires of a computer mouse, with simply the keypad in front of him but no screen. It’s also eerie because it looks like a modern virtual reality head set, yet metaphorically it demonstrates how the boy is completely removed from the world physically around him, instead blinded by the technology he uses and physically attached to it as well. It has almost become a literal part of his body, and without the keyboard and mouse he cannot maneuver through the world, depicting the modern dependence on technology. It is “distorting his world view”.

Illustration 3


The third illustration is also quite eerie, the boy’s facial expression is pained yet also happy as he is bound and attached to the ground by the wires of a video game controller. One wire directly goes through his head, demonstrating how deep the video games influence can penetrate. The wires have not only gone through his arms but wrapped around his legs as if he’s a puppet under their control. The picture is described as, “too much gaming can take control of your actions. Unplug before you become a puppet.” This relates directly to my analysis of video games impact on children and the way they think about the world. Psychologically, how does the constant presence of a fake world that is so realistic to children change their concept of the world around them. This image depicts a child being controlled by the game itself, where the child’s brain and the games goals are one in the same.


This is a geothermal heat map of the geothermal resources. I want to look more into the impact that technological change has had on this, and how our usage of energy correlates with global warming and other environmental factors which may have an impact on our health on a day to day basis.



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