Feedback Questions:

  1. Honestly I’m still confused as to what the most interesting direction is to be targeting right now, so if you have any ideas it would be much appreciated!! I might just throw a wide net and see what I really take interest in, and then narrow it down again more.

Two totally different topics I’m writing about right now (HELP)


  • impact of technology on younger generations (medical + social)
    • identity formation (don’t really want to talk about social media)
      • gender could be an aspect of this
    • ADHD
    • interpersonal relationships
      • this could go into the Modern Love stuff
    • examples?
      • Looking medically at what is happening
      • Looking at interpersonal relationships
      • Looking into 3D printing

Maternal Health

  • history of childbirth (initially male dominated field, is this an example of something like technology which was also initially male dominated)
  • modern methods of maternal health
    • modern and developing world (how neither of these have really changed)
  • what are the implications of modern technology and development on America versus other countries, what is the divide we are seeing (?)

Modern Love

  • maybe do effect of modern love on women? Want to look into maternal health, history of health care inequalities

How were our current medical practices formulated? While each aspect of health care in the United States has a different story of how it came today, we can use case studies of various practices to understand this better.

With maternal health, midwives who would help women give birth initially dominated the industry and this tradition was passes between women from generation to generation. However, beginning in the 1700s, childbirth was considered a “pathological condition” which then required physicians to become involved in the process (citation). Because the majority of physicians at the time were men, in order to have more control over the process, anesthesia was introduced into the practice of childbirth, which provided women with a reduced capacity to have natural births. The rise in the past decade of C sections has many causes beyond just the initial domination of the childbirth industry by male physicians, it has an impact on the microbiome of the child, their immune system, and the connection between mother and child. In this situation, while modern technology and surgical procedure availability, receiving an epidural by women, each of these has unforeseen consequences on not only the mothers recovery, but also on the child. We see skyrocketing rates of diabetes, ADHD and obesity, yet our technology is progressing so fast that we cannot stop and understand what exactly has had this effect.

With a younger brother in generation Z, I often find myself with multitudes of questions regarding his health, and his place in modern society. With speculation of college education becoming a completely online forum within the next 10-15 years, I can’t help but try to understand the impact that modern technology will have on generation Z.


  1. prevalent diseases
    1. ADHD & Diabetes (case studies)
      2. “This lack of physical activity is putting Generation Z at risk of being the first generation to live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents.”
  1. interpersonal relationships & identity formation
      1. “Teens still see each other at school, in the park, and at the shopping mall. However the conversations they have at these places are no longer about catching up on what has happened since they were last together. They already know what has been happening, to those present and to just about all of their other friends.”
        1. How this plays into gender identity? Availability of not just the direct group of people around you but also other like minded people who may live many miles away (finding support)
      3. “Cyber Relationships” discusses the impact technology has on interpersonal relationships, especially that between parents and children who grew up in completely different standards of technology usage. Another aspect that is considered is a completely online classroom. We’ve started to see this standard through the idea of “webcasted” lectures where people can choose to attend school in the comfort of their home. The article takes Daniel Academy in Florida as a case study of the first every completely web-based high school. What the impact of technology on education is, is a very interesting question.
    2. Modern love?
      1. Are relationships we form over the internet translatable into real, in person relationships? How does this work with friendships between kids who mainly interact over the web. Can the basis of a relationship (of any kind) be completely formed over the internet…
        1. “In the safety of my apartment, I could see Will, but I couldn’t touch him. I could summon him when I wanted to talk, but I never knew him in any light other than the one from his bedside lamp.”
        2. “ I could say whatever I wanted and risk awkwardness, because at the end of the conversation, one click of the mouse would shut him out of my room.”











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