Rough Middle #2

  More brainstorming! start with some psychology background on developmental psychology and studies behind needing nurture and care as a child go into women and the conflict of being unable to provide this same level of affection when in higher up positions (alternative between quitting jobs etc.), could talk about potential techniques to wait for … Continue reading Rough Middle #2


Final Project RD 1

Feedback Questions: Honestly I'm still confused as to what the most interesting direction is to be targeting right now, so if you have any ideas it would be much appreciated!! I might just throw a wide net and see what I really take interest in, and then narrow it down again more. Two totally different … Continue reading Final Project RD 1

Library Exercise 5

Striving to Close the 'Digital Divide' “Striving to close the ‘Digital Divide’” discusses the racial gap currently forming between those children who not only use technology but also those who choose to engage with and build technology. The article focuses on the gap which exists between black children and other races, they are being trapped … Continue reading Library Exercise 5

Key Word Search List

  Gender and the internet Kids and video games Psychology of video game usage Violent video games and kids Family dynamics and technology Family dynamics in generation Z Relationship dynamics and technology